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What is Petey Possum's Hangout?

We are a family owned and operated independent children’s book retailer providing books and toys for children from birth through middle school. 

In 2011 we opened a brick and mortar shop in Oxford, PA.  What a wonderful experience.  For over a year we enjoyed so many families who stopped in to shop and visit.  But, we discovered that we were missing out on time with our grandchildren, so we closed the shop, but NOT our business.

We continue to sell books.

As vendors for over 6 years, we set up shop at educational conferences and participate in both the Oxford PA and West Grove PA Farmers' Markets.  We also support school and fire hall fundraisers as well as church bazaars.   In so doing, we are able to manage our time  with grandkids and still engage with the families we've come to enjoy over the years.

 As parents and grandparents, we share your interest in quality books and related products for children.

Our motto: "With Reading Anything Is "Possumable".

We are dedicated to providing you with resources and products that will support you as you look for ways to help your children reach their fullest potential.

We invite you to use our blog for sharing your favorite books and educational resources with all of us in an effort to expand the benefit of our collective knowledge.

We look forward to this spirit of community with the common goal of supporting the development of the children in all of our lives.

Who is Petey?     

He’s our mascot who was created by our good friend and team member, Roger Blansfield. Petey and his children can be found hanging around our store.  Be sure to look for Petey and his children when you come to visit. They really are quite friendly. And, though they are not real (they are actually soft cuddly puppets), they love attention from children and grownups.

We invite you to browse through our pages for information and products that will hopefully benefit you and your family.

Our website is going through revisions, so please check back for more information and resources. Feel free to use our blog to share your thoughts, resources, and recommended books. 

And be sure to friend us on Facebook where we will also be posting important announcements.

 Happy Reading!


          Petey Possum's Hangout
                     Newark, DE

                  (302) 528-0608

A special gift idea.  This year we will be featuring local children's authors, who came to our shop for book signings and readings.  They have supplied us with signed copies of their books are happy to write special inscriptions for your loved ones as a special order.  These make wonderful and uniqe gifts for birthdays and other occasions.    

Stevie French, "Lizzie Fox-top"

Maggie Farber Mitchell, "The Big Stink"

Karen O'Lone-Hahn, "Millicent and the Faraway Moon"

Marisa de Jesus Paolicelli, "There's A Coqui In My Shoe"

Barbara Berg Seuffert, "Patch", "Ray", and "Good Heaven-Eleven" 


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